Le Manège à moutardes
Mustard bar

Le Manège à moutardes

Moutardes Reine de Dijon
Pot de moutarde personnalisé

Le Manège à moutarde puts on a show in the village, dramatizing the famous Dijon specialty with a unique robotic arm. This store, entirely dedicated to the Burgundian condiment, offers a wide selection of mustards. Le Manège à moutardes makes a personalized jar in your image, thanks to a novel, spectacular and innovative process.

Pots de moutardes Reine de Dijon

A Dijon specialty recognized the world over, mustard takes pride of place at Le Manège à moutardes. We offer a wide selection of mustards with subtle, deliciously piquant aromas for use in the kitchen or to enjoy at the table.

Boutique Manège à moutarde

Our teams, passionate about mustard-making, will tell you the story of this unique product, which has become one of gastronomy’s flagship products. Le Manège à Moutardes is much more than a store, it’s an immersive space that invites you to unravel the mysteries of this condiment and discover the evolution of a product that has adapted and lived with the times.

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