The Librairie Gourmande

The Librairie Gourmande

intérieur de la Librairie Gourmande

Dijon’s very own Librairie Gourmande offers expert advice and professional service, just like the flagship store in Paris. The shelves are laden with an exceptionally wide selection of books dedicated to cookery, gastronomy and wine, all beautifully presented in a space that has been staged by the FoodDesign agency. Our aim is for everyone who steps through the door to find exactly what they are looking for, be they regulars or one-time visitors, amateurs, novices or enthusiasts, students or professional cooks. Head back home with that cookbook you’ve been longing for, or find the perfect gift for a food-loving friend.


The Burgundy-Franche-Comté section

The Gastronomic Village’s Librairie Gourmande pays tribute to its host region with a specific logo for the Côte d’Or. A whole section of the store has also been dedicated to the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, featuring books on topics ranging from local recipes and produce to the history of winemaking and maps of local vineyards. Enjoy discovering or rediscovering this food-loving region’s culinary secrets and head back home with a souvenir.

Espace Bourgogne-Franche-Comté de la Librairie Gourmande


Our bookshop has been specifically designed to offer a pleasant shopping experience. There is trilingual signage (French, English and Chinese) and the warm and welcoming hues create a truly relaxed space, inviting you to enjoy taking your time browsing our well-stocked shelves. You will find cookbooks filled with recipes from France and beyond, books authored by chefs, books on baking, pastry-making and winemaking, not to mention books featuring food-based stories or dedicated to the human and social sciences of food. We also have a children’s book section. The section dedicated to wine and winemaking, meanwhile, is sure to surprise with its special display cabinet that allows you to cast your eyes over posters and vineyard maps with ease.

Intérieur de la Librairie Gourmande

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