Meurette et persillé – Burgundian restaurant
Burgundy at the heart of the Village

Meurette et persillé – Burgundian restaurant

Plat Meurette et persillé

A new 100% Burgundy restaurant at La Cité

Welcome to Meurette & persillé, where each dish tells the story of Burgundy’s history and tradition with passion and delicacy. the gastronomic village and I are proud to promote Burgundy by showcasing emblematic local recipes, combining rich tastes, original flavors and simple preparations.

Florent Colombo, Chef of Meurette et persillé

Par le Chef Florent Colombo

Florent Colombo, a well-known Dijon chef, will be the worthy heir to Burgundy’s rich terroir in this new Dijon temple to fine dining.

This lover of regional cuisine has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants in Burgundy, with his signature dish, oeufs en meurette, for which he tried to win world championships.

Bandeau menu Meurette et persillé

A 100% Burgundy menu

Florent Colombo aims to offer authentic, gourmet and generous cuisine, highlighting local produce with dishes that are emblematic of Burgundy.

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