La Gloriette
Coffee bar and sweet store

La Gloriette

Les macarons de la Gloriette
Boutique la Gloriette

La Gloriette is a sweet bar that takes you on a regressive, gourmet journey into the world of chocolate, pastries and confectionery. It also features an area entirely dedicated to coffee, tea and infusions, designed by roaster Vincent Ballot, Meilleur ouvrier de France (MOF).

Chocolats La gloriette

From chocolates created by leading French chocolate makers, to pastries, traditional sweets and innovative confectionery, La Gloriette’s delicacies reflect the unique expertise of our region’s master confectioners. Made from top-quality ingredients, all La Gloriette creations appeal to young and old alike.

Café Vincent Ballot

These sweet treats are accompanied by our teas and coffees of diverse origins and delicious aromas in a space that invites you to play with your emotions to reveal all the hidden flavors of these exceptional products.

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