La Table des Climats
"Vinostromic" Restaurant

La Table des Climats

Facade of the gastronomic restaurant La Table des Climats
Crédits Christophe Fouquin

Gastronomy and Wine pairing

The “Vinostronomic” restaurant La Table des Climats offers you, in the heart of the International City of Gastronomy and Wine of Dijon, a unique experience led by a talented young chef Kevin Julien under the culinary direction of Éric Pras, chef of the Maison Lameloise 3 Michelin stars. Explore Wine-Food Pairings, rather than Food-Wine Pairings!

A table that combines Climats and the best of the terroir

At the Table des Climats, it’s the wines that make the menu! Here, the choice of wine determines the dish that accompanies it. Seasonal products are combined with a demanding selection of the best Burgundy wines. You can taste your wines by the glass or the bottle, including great wines. The wine list is developed by our sommelier, in direct contact with the best estates in the region. It highlights the Climats of the Burgundy vineyards listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and other regions of the world.

A restaurant in an exceptional heritage setting

A vaulted room, a terrace at the foot of the majestic facade of the large chapel of the former general hospital of Dijon: the La Table des Climats restaurant welcomes you in the unforgettable setting of an admirably restored historical heritage, in the heart of the City international dijon gastronomy and wine. A harmonious, pleasant and well-kept environment, between tradition and modernity, in which you will take the time to live a unique “Vinostronomic” experience.

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