The FERRANDI Paris school
The Dijon campus of FERRANDI Paris, the leading hotel school, offers cookery and pastry courses in French and English. This is your chance to practice your passion with the greatest chefs.

The FERRANDI Paris school

Student of the FERRANDI school of gastronomy

FERRANDI Paris, the leading hospitality school, is now in Dijon. Already present in Paris, Saint-Gratien, Bordeaux and Rennes, it is now in the heart of Burgundy that it offers training courses in cuisine and pastry, in French and English. Whether you are an amateur, a future creator or a seasoned professional, you now have the opportunity to practice your passion under the guidance of great chefs.


The culinary and pastry programs offered at the Dijon campus are distinguished by their educational excellence. They include regional culinary specificities as well as wine tasting courses run by the prestigious school « École des Vins de Bourgogne”.

The Chef-Instructors

Our chefs have many years of professional experience in renowned and prestigious institutions around the world, including the Elysée Palace, the British Court and Michelin-starred restaurants. They are fluent in English and passionate about their art. Trained to be teachers, they have strong pedagogical skills and culinary skills.

Pastry Chef :

Inès Juquois

Chef :

Fabrice Huet

Previous experience in the field is not required to apply for the Intensive Professional Programs which are offered in our Dijon Campus, as this training is geared towards beginners. Some exposure to the industry can be helpful to get an idea of what it means to work in the sector and to make sure that the candidate is making a sound decision. 

We are happy to guide candidates who are in doubt about which program is most suitable for them, simply send us an e-mail with an outline of your culinary background (!

We do not require French language skills to apply in the International Programs.  

Candidates should be aware though that speaking some French will make the transition to life in France a little bit easier. And French language skills are a requirement for some internships: certain companies will not accept an intern who cannot express him- or herself in the French language, but you are still able to find opportunities in English. 

We do provide French language classes as part of the Intensive Professional Programs focusing on professional French, in order to help you in your adaptation. Many students with limited French language skills have had fulfilling experiences at FERRANDI Paris, both during the training and the internship. 

We do offer in our Paris Campus, Advanced Professional Programs targeted to experienced candidates, or individuals with previous culinary training.

Deciding which program is more suitable depends on the candidate’s knowledge of French culinary and pastry technique and recipes. As a rough guideline :

  • For the Advanced Professional Program in French Cuisine, this means : knife skills (vegetable cuts, turning vegetables, basic meat cuts, fish filleting), basic pastry (pie doughs, puff pastry, pastry cream etc), meat and fish cooking techniques (poach, sauté, grill, braise, roast, fry, sous vide …), sauces (emulsion, reduction, etc), cooking broths (based on meat, vegetables, fish and seafood), basic plating techniques as well as familiarity with kitchen safety and hygiene and use of professional equipment
  • For the Advanced Professional Program in French Pastry, this means : mastery of basic doughs (pie, puff pastry, croissant, brioche, génoise, joconde, meringues, choux paste …), creams (pastry cream, custards, Chantilly, diplomate, chibouste …), sugar syrups, caramels, nougats, basic sugar work ; assembly of typical French desserts (éclairs, basic tarts and entremets, loaf cakes, … ), chocolate (tempering, molding, sculpture, bonbons).

The above are simply guidelines. For some candidates with previous experience it may make sense to take the Intensive Professional Program, which is offered in Dijon in both French Cuisine and French Pastry fields, if their expertise is not specifically in French technique.

For our Intensive Professional Programs, applications are reviewed by our admissions team. If the evaluation of the application is favorable, a video interview will be organized with a member of the admissions’ team.

During the interview, the interviewer will:

  • aim to get a good understanding of the candidate’s motivation to join FERRANDI Paris, expectations towards the program and career goals
  • evaluate the candidate’s level of English proficiency
  • make sure that the candidate has a holistic vision of our programs and the training we offer

Once the interview has been completed, our Admissions Board, made up of program staff and chef-instructors will then meet to review your application.

Does FERRANDI Paris offer scholarships or financial aid ?

There are no scholarships or financial aid possibilities available at FERRANDI Paris, however, we have an inauguration discount of 1000€ for the Intensive Professional Programs in Dijon.

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